Berkeley Lab

This website is intended to provide measured scintillation properties of many inorganic and organic materials and citations to the published papers in which the measurements were reported. It is a refurbished and extended version of the original Scintillation Properties website that was created by Stephen Derenzo, Martin Boswell, Marvin Weber, and Kathleen Brennan at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with support from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The website and databases are currently in development. Please contact us to report any errors or omissions.

It is intended for two main uses:
 – a web-accessible reference to useful scintillation detector materials

– an aid in developing fundamental theories or empirical relations between basic material properties and scintillation performance. To this end both strong and weak scintillators have been included, as well as those where sensitive measurements have not detected any scintillation emissions. A truly predictive theory must be able to predict both strong and weak scintillators.